Sunday, December 11, 2016


Hello Guy's,

Today is just a simple blog I am going to be talking to you about some of my favorite things to do with my friends for Christmas. I love going to the mall during Christmas because the mall is just so festive and warm and it makes me feel all cozy and festive. I love the shops that really go all out for Christmas because it just makes the holiday so much better if it wasn't for those shops I might not even go to the mall during Christmas OK.. that was a bit of an exaggeration but it would be a lot less fun and a lot less festive and you might not get the same feeling as if you were going to the mall on a regular day. Number two I love doing something festive things with my friend such as ice-skating OK I'm not that good at ice-skating but I can totally work my falls. Slightly not true when you see me fall on the ice it's usually not pretty but anyways it's a lot of fun when you and your friends are there and you both kind a laugh at each other because I mean you both can be bad at it. But just don't hurt yourself too much I know that if I fall too many times I don't really feel amazing the next day. If you and your friend are both good at it then that's amazing because of the hard as I try I can never get good at it I don't know how I don't know why but I'm never very good at it I get the hang of it after a while but the next year I always fall at least once. Number three making fun Christmas snacks are the best thing ever doing it with your friends is even better because you guys can both work together as a team or as a group and it's super fun when you all get to work on one thing and then taste each other's creations it's super fun. Just remember don't leave the stove on or do the oven on that could go really bad if you use the oven. So those are my top three things to do and Christmas if you want to see the next top three then you should definitely comment meant if you want that. Recently I just got a Snapchat so you should definitely go follow me on that it's OFFICIALSOPLIFE so go check me out on that and also follow me on Instagram which is also officialsoplife thanks so much for reading if you got to the end of the blog and I'll see you next time.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Be The Change

Hello Guy's,

Today's blog is  about being you and sometimes people criticize things you do for how you are what you wear.  Many times these voices do you get through your skin and it they hurt when they say that it makes you want to change yourself. But why change for others if they can't except who you are or how you act or what you wear. Then they're just being plain rude and not being kind to others just because I weird something they don't like does it mean it's weird or that I'm different. I can be whoever I want you can be whoever you want no matter how I act what I do or how I look like. Just because I'm unique or cause your unique or doesn't mean we're weird. This makes us unique and if everybody was the same imagine how boring the world would be everybody wearing the same thing doing the same thing acting the same way. No instead of of changing yourself you change the world don't let them change you.  Change them to be better people change them for good don't conform with society change it be original be your own beautiful. People can criticize you and criticize the criticizing only makes them weak because they're not open to new ideas. Everyone is unique that's what makes us human so don't change yourself for others let them accept. If they don't accept you then they weren't really your friends because if they don't accept you for who you are. Then they weren't were never your friends in the first place. Try and find friends that you have things in common even if they're not the popular people be yourself many times we try to conform with
society. Instead of conforming with society change it for the good because every person is strong  inside and society is just waiting for the new change so you be the change and make everything a better place.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Hello Guy's,

I hope you all had an amazing Halloween if you celebrate it and if not I hope you still had a great time. Today's blog title might puzzle you but what this blog is about is staying healthy through the holiday. Yes it's already starting to be that time of the year for everyone and many holiday's are coming up. So I wanted to share some tips that I have picked up through the years for whatever you celebrate I hope this helps you.

1. Number one alway's try and take the stairs this might sound kind of silly and useless but actually does help. You will be burning off calories which means if you do it for a while you might end up losing some weight.

2. Try walking if your work is close to your home try walking to work as much as possible yes it might mean that you have to wake up a little bit earlier to be able to walk. But to be honest it will help you will be burning of calories while taking a nice walk.

3. Try doing something on the weekends by this I mean try running on the weekends with a friend or something. It's alway's great having moral support to remind you of what your goal is so you keep both your mentalities up. It doesn't just have to be running pick an activity that you like to do like cycling or yoga.

So these were my top three ideas for how not to gain weight during the holiday seasons because it can be really hard to stay in shape but really easy to gain that weight. Hope you all enjoy your holiday believe in and keep watch out for the next one because it'll be very soon love you all so much bthanks for reading this blog post.

- Love Sop Life

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Autumn Favorites

Hello Guy's,

 Today's blog it is all about Autumn with Autumn comes many and very important decision like what color eyeshadow, nail color, hairstyles and so on. Well that's why I am here are my favorites...

I alway's pick golden colors on my eyes I make sure that it is not to pigmented or bold and in the crease I like to use Namaste by BareMinerals it is one of my favorite browneyeshadows.  For eyeliner I start to use a maybelline Midnight black eyeliner it is one of my favorite eyeliner or also I will use an Urban decay glide on pencil in black. They both work really great and I would highly recommend them both.

For foundation I like to only use concealer on spots and under my eyes if they need it.  But overall I try to stay away from heavy foundations. If I do you need something extra I'll use that Rimmel London stay matte powder in beige. But if I do put on powder I will set it with a Nyx setting spray dewy finish. Just so when the cold starts my face doesn't feel very dry and also for the powder so it can stay on for the whole day.

I use the NARS Bronzing Powder I only put a little on because A little goes a long way with this product and during this time we're still a little tan a but not as much as we were in during summer so I do put on some bronzer just to reassure my summer tan. 

I tend to start using a light pink Kat Von D Everlasting Blush in the color peachy pink. I apply it mostly on the apples of my cheeks to give them a nice rosie color. This just helps if you you put on foundation or powder to get that color back into your cheeks that could've been taken away from the foundation or powder or anything that you are put on that day.

Thank you so much guys if you read through the whole fog and I hope this helped you out a little bit just so you could know what I like to do. Hopefully that helped you all out and if you want any specific blog post then just comment it down below and I will try to make it happen as soon as possible so if you have any questions or anything don't forget to comment down below and I love you all so much have a lovely day.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Peer Pressure

Hello Guy's,

 How are you all  I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope you have a wonderful week. Today I wanted to talk about a topic that is very important peer pressure. Peer pressure can be something really hard when it's bad. I know I remember that I always found peer pressure but luckily I always stayed strong. Yeah it is super hard sometimes but I know it's possible for everyone to stay strong because even if everyone talks about doing that or that you should do it just say no. Yes a get it easier said then done but I am here to tell you that making bad choices can hurt you even if it's one time. I have seen so many people struggle because of bad choices but if you can stay strong do it and if you already had some rough patches I wanna tell you it is possible to stop no matter what. If you ever feel like you are alone know that I will always be here if you ever need help just write your story in the comments. I love you all so much and Thank you for reading my blog and have a great week no matter what.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Take A Chance

Hello Guy's

How are you guys today's blog it's all about love how you Love someone and how you care about them. Love is something wonderful that we all need to find with somebody. Love can be very simple to find for some and for others it can be extremely difficult for others. I wanted to give you all some advise don't rush yourself into a a relationship. Don't try to rush it you need to take your time because you might see something you don't like. But don't take this the wrong way you first try and talk to solve the problem don't just give up because then you don't really love that person to try enough.  Also don't be pressured to be in a relationship just because all friends are in one. Go at your pace if you want to  date somebody then date somebody if you don't want to date somebody then don't at all it's up to you don't get pressured into getting a boyfriend girlfriend anything if you don't want to. Be unique you don't have to date if you're not ready for it don't feel like you like have you. Also if you like somebody and you're too shy to go ask just ask because maybe they secretly really like you too and they might even say yes so take a chance you only live once. Guys I know this was a short blog but I've seen this happen so many times and I don't wanted to happen to you guys so go for it you only live once guys so live your best life and if you get rejected then you were too good for them anyways.

Sincerely, Sop Life 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Step by Step

Hello Guy's,

How are you guy's today's blog title might surprise you at first but once you keep reading I'm sure you'll understand. Today's blog is for those of you who are going back to school and need some reassurance that school can be a good place. So school can be hard and a tuff place for some of you and for others it can be a blast. Whatever your category is in school I know even I had rough spots during school. I just wanted to give you all some tips that I have learned that had helped when I went to school again. First thing is breath if you're really nervous then it's good to take a deep breath before  entering your school. Try doing a power pose power poses have been scientifically proven to bring your self-esteem up. Also sometimes you might feel way to nervous to eat anything but it's very important to eat if you don't you might be feeling low on energy so eat something even if it's something little. Get a good nights sleep try to have a good nights sleep by sleeping early try not to stay up to long. If your one of those people like me who take forever to choose an outfit for school try laying out your clothes the night before. But overall when you get to school be yourself and have fun I wish everyone who is going to school to have an amazing school year. Thank you guy's so much for reading I hope you all have a lovely day I love you all so much and good luck to everyone who's going back to school good luck.

Sop Life