Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Be The Change

Hello Guy's,

Today's blog is  about being you and sometimes people criticize things you do for how you are what you wear.  Many times these voices do you get through your skin and it they hurt when they say that it makes you want to change yourself. But why change for others if they can't except who you are or how you act or what you wear. Then they're just being plain rude and not being kind to others just because I weird something they don't like does it mean it's weird or that I'm different. I can be whoever I want you can be whoever you want no matter how I act what I do or how I look like. Just because I'm unique or cause your unique or doesn't mean we're weird. This makes us unique and if everybody was the same imagine how boring the world would be everybody wearing the same thing doing the same thing acting the same way. No instead of of changing yourself you change the world don't let them change you.  Change them to be better people change them for good don't conform with society change it be original be your own beautiful. People can criticize you and criticize the criticizing only makes them weak because they're not open to new ideas. Everyone is unique that's what makes us human so don't change yourself for others let them accept. If they don't accept you then they weren't really your friends because if they don't accept you for who you are. Then they weren't were never your friends in the first place. Try and find friends that you have things in common even if they're not the popular people be yourself many times we try to conform with
society. Instead of conforming with society change it for the good because every person is strong  inside and society is just waiting for the new change so you be the change and make everything a better place.

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