Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Hello Guy's,

I hope you all had an amazing Halloween if you celebrate it and if not I hope you still had a great time. Today's blog title might puzzle you but what this blog is about is staying healthy through the holiday. Yes it's already starting to be that time of the year for everyone and many holiday's are coming up. So I wanted to share some tips that I have picked up through the years for whatever you celebrate I hope this helps you.

1. Number one alway's try and take the stairs this might sound kind of silly and useless but actually does help. You will be burning off calories which means if you do it for a while you might end up losing some weight.

2. Try walking if your work is close to your home try walking to work as much as possible yes it might mean that you have to wake up a little bit earlier to be able to walk. But to be honest it will help you will be burning of calories while taking a nice walk.

3. Try doing something on the weekends by this I mean try running on the weekends with a friend or something. It's alway's great having moral support to remind you of what your goal is so you keep both your mentalities up. It doesn't just have to be running pick an activity that you like to do like cycling or yoga.

So these were my top three ideas for how not to gain weight during the holiday seasons because it can be really hard to stay in shape but really easy to gain that weight. Hope you all enjoy your holiday believe in and keep watch out for the next one because it'll be very soon love you all so much bthanks for reading this blog post.

- Love Sop Life

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