Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Years

Hello guys 
So as I said I would have a New Year's blog so this is it I am also working on my two other Christmas/Winter blogs so be looking out for that. So it's no longer 2015 it is now 2016 I am super excited for a New Year. It's a new start and something's I'm going to definitely be doing this year is making it better than last years because every single year should be better than the last year. So these are some things that you could do this year to make it a great year.
1: Have a planner having a planner helps keep track of what you're doing this week or if you're attending a party. Planners are so useful in my opinion I have to be truthful I use to try and keep everything in my head but I learned that I could not remember everything I needed or wanted too. For those of you who are great at remembering what you have to do that is amazing this is me clapping for those of you. But for those of you that can not remember everything like me having a planner has worked wonders for me. I use to not like it at all but then I thought of what I liked and I love a pop of color here and there. So I thought what if I got my planner put washi tape and highlighted and it ended up really nice and  I know love writing in my planner because it is very colorful and I also love making it all cute.
2: I personally love adding new pieces of furniture to my like pillows blankets rug or anything you’ve been seeing on the internet or at stores that you really would love that for your room. I suggest you guys get something that will make your room feel different or gives good vibes to you. But if you don't want to buy anything you can always end up rearranging your room using with what you have I absolutely love this idea because it helps me feel like I'm having a fresh start to the year.
3: One of the things I really struggle with is being healthy I know I know I really have to get better at this. Maybe it's just me but I think that eating healthy makes me feel way better than eating chips or sweets. So this is definitely something that I have to get better at but I think it will make this year better. If one of you guys are super healthy I am clapping right now for you. I think this is definitely something that can help anyone for this year. 
4: Make a list of goals that you know you want to do this year whether it's going to the gym or eating healthier anything that you know you want to do. Something I also recommend is making monthly goals like being kinder, more positive anything that you feel you can get better at to make yourself be even happier and feel happier.
5: One thing that I love to do is clean out my room because we all now we have that clothes that is only sitting in your drawers or closet collecting dust. So something I like to do when your going to start a new year is going through my clothes and seeing what I want to keep or what I want to donate or sell. I think these are really good ideas that you can do for a New Year. Selling them can help you save up for something that you like or might want in the future.
So I hope you guys really like this blog and enjoyed it and I hope it will be able to help you with this New Year have a lovely day and see you guys next time. Bye

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