Saturday, April 23, 2016


Hey guys,
Today I wanted to talk about friends can be very important and helpful in our lives and we love and adore all our friends. But sometimes there are other types of friends who are claiming to be your friends but they really do care about you. And it absolutely hurts when you realize this person you considered as your friend doesn't care about you. It hurts but you can also try and stop it this has happened to me many times when I was younger. But then I started to realize that there are signs you realize about but don't really care for because their your friends. If you have had this happen to you many times or maybe it's your first time this happens to you but don't want it to ever happen you again here are some tips to help you not get hurt.

1. Their is always that one person who is always trying to convince you to give them the answers to your homework but when you accidentally forget to do your homework they always say no. You need your relationship with your friends to go both ways help one another. If that person who is always asking you for help say's no even though you always help them. The next time just say no it might be hard the first time but after that you will feel more relaxed and free.

2. The friend that always seems to ignore you when the more "popular kids" come and she or he pretends that you weren't just talking to her. Normally if your friend does become popular they end up leaving you behind which sucks. The best way to deal with this is slowly stop hanging out with them but still hangout with them. So just incase they become popular you won't be hurt by them leaving. If they don't become popular you will still be friends.

3. The friend who always takes your stuff from jewelry to clothes or makeup. The best way do deal with this is either confront them about taking your stuff and simply ask for it but if that is to big of a jump for you. You could also stop inviting them to your house and when you hangout with them make sure you always check your purse to make sure everything is in there if not ask them about where you might have left it. They will most likely give it back because they probably will feel guilty. But if after these things don't work and they still take your stuff they must likely are using you for your stuff so for the best just stop being their friends. You don't want them to take your because if you let them once they most likely keep doing it. So simply stop being friends it's probably the best option if nothing else works.

Thanks everyone for reading my blog hope that enjoyed it and it helps you if you are having these difficulties I hope you get through them and I love you all and have a lovely day!

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