Monday, May 16, 2016

Get that Summer Glow

Hello Guy's

I've missed you guys so this weeks blog is about summer my top summer beauty products to give me that Glow during summer but still look really natural for when you're in the pool or just out and about these are my top favorite summer products of all time

So during the summer I tend to get a bit more oily then during the winter so I want a foundation that covers up my Pimples and doesn't melt off while I'm out and about or going to the mall or something. I want my foundation to stay on all day without me getting little dry patches because of the foundation being so dry. So my number one pick is the Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation. I find that this is a very lightweight foundation and controls all my oily patches open during the day I'm not aware if it has SPF but otherwise I really love this foundation. So if you're looking for a cheap mat foundation this is the way to go I am absolutely in love with the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation and my shade is True ivory.

Now for bronzer and highlighter I absolutely love to but I am going to have to divide them into two different section 1 is high-end and the other one is more of a drugstore brand and I absolutely love both of them.

I am for starting off with the more drugstore bronzer and my favorite drugstore bronzer for the summer is the Wet and wild megaglo contouring palette Contor I know the name is a bit strange and it does repeat contour twice. They had the a change in formula so I am not aware about how good the old formula was but the new formula, I am absolutely in love with and it's just so creamy you just pop on some on your brush and blend on the the temples of your cheeks. The highlight is good I am just not as in to it as the bronzer. But it is a good choice because they're both Matte and I feel like sometimes you might need a little more of a man highlighter and I met con tour which I am absolutely in love with but I think they're both really amazing and they're really good and creamy and I would deathly take this on holiday.

So my second bronzer this one does not come with a highlighter it actually comes with the blush and I am in love with both of them. But this duo is more on the pricey side but I would definitely recommend it. It is the Orgasam blush and Laguna bronzer by Nars. I find these both super pigmented and also extremely creamy and and they come on really well on the skin these do have a bit more of a light shimmer in them but I wouldn't say it's anything extreme. I would actually call the orgasm more like a kind of rose gold blush in the Laguna bronzer is definitely one of my favorite bronzers ever it does have a little bit of light shimmer so if you're not really into that then I would not recommend this blush and bronzer I would go more for the wet and wild one which I had talked  in the paragraph before this one.  But over all of this bronzer and blush are really good and I would definitely recommend them for the summer.

Next my favorite highlighter for the summer is the benefit Sun Beam. It is such a great highlighter it is a liquid highlighter. On a day where I want a very Glowy skin I will mix a bit of this into my foundation to have that super Glowy skin and just pop on a bit of powdered highlighter on my cheekbones. But for an every day I just like to Dot all over the areas I want to highlight or give my self that bit more of light.

For summer I like to go ahead and bring out all my lip stains in the states all in the color either orange or a very bright pink because I feel like this is a time where I have to bring out all my favorite oranges and very Orangey and pinkies lipsticks and lip stains. My favorite Lipstein in an orange collar is Rendevouz by Revlon and I just really like it because it's a stain and it's smells really meant team and I like that and it dries completely and it doesn't feel to drying it feels actually really nice because of the mint. And I really like it and I hope that you guys like it too. The

So these are all my favorite beauty products for summer over all I love all of these products for the highlighter information I always find it in with my new blue beauty blender they are actually amazing. Just recently got one and it makes everything so flawless I don't even know how but it just does its amazing and I totally recommend that you get a beauty blender it's worth the price. And for
foundation I just like using a flat foundation brush if I'm not using my beauty blender that day. For the bronzer I like a big poofy brush so I can actually get it took look very natural and not too harsh on my temples of my cheeks.

If you have read my whole blog post thank you so much and I love you guy's so much and thank you for reading my blogs and I will see you very soon on my next blog post if you guy's. If want any specific kind of a blog definitely comment down below or comment on one of my Instagram posts. And I just started an Instagram account so if you guys aren't already following me on my Instagram it's officialSopLife you guys should definitely check my Instagram out and follow me and maybe I'll follow you guys back and I hope you guys have a lovely day and thank you so much for reading blog. I hope you guys found this useful and I'll see you very soon love you all.

-Sop Life

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