Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Take A Chance

Hello Guy's

How are you guys today's blog it's all about love how you Love someone and how you care about them. Love is something wonderful that we all need to find with somebody. Love can be very simple to find for some and for others it can be extremely difficult for others. I wanted to give you all some advise don't rush yourself into a a relationship. Don't try to rush it you need to take your time because you might see something you don't like. But don't take this the wrong way you first try and talk to solve the problem don't just give up because then you don't really love that person to try enough.  Also don't be pressured to be in a relationship just because all friends are in one. Go at your pace if you want to  date somebody then date somebody if you don't want to date somebody then don't at all it's up to you don't get pressured into getting a boyfriend girlfriend anything if you don't want to. Be unique you don't have to date if you're not ready for it don't feel like you like have you. Also if you like somebody and you're too shy to go ask just ask because maybe they secretly really like you too and they might even say yes so take a chance you only live once. Guys I know this was a short blog but I've seen this happen so many times and I don't wanted to happen to you guys so go for it you only live once guys so live your best life and if you get rejected then you were too good for them anyways.

Sincerely, Sop Life 

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