Friday, August 19, 2016

Step by Step

Hello Guy's,

How are you guy's today's blog title might surprise you at first but once you keep reading I'm sure you'll understand. Today's blog is for those of you who are going back to school and need some reassurance that school can be a good place. So school can be hard and a tuff place for some of you and for others it can be a blast. Whatever your category is in school I know even I had rough spots during school. I just wanted to give you all some tips that I have learned that had helped when I went to school again. First thing is breath if you're really nervous then it's good to take a deep breath before  entering your school. Try doing a power pose power poses have been scientifically proven to bring your self-esteem up. Also sometimes you might feel way to nervous to eat anything but it's very important to eat if you don't you might be feeling low on energy so eat something even if it's something little. Get a good nights sleep try to have a good nights sleep by sleeping early try not to stay up to long. If your one of those people like me who take forever to choose an outfit for school try laying out your clothes the night before. But overall when you get to school be yourself and have fun I wish everyone who is going to school to have an amazing school year. Thank you guy's so much for reading I hope you all have a lovely day I love you all so much and good luck to everyone who's going back to school good luck.

Sop Life 

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