Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lush: Dragons egg bath bomb review

  Hello, Guys                                        
So recently I went to Lush and bought a couple of Bath Bombs and I decided to do a review on one of them and I choose the Dragons Egg. It looks white with colorful spots some bigger than others and it smells pretty amazing. It smells very citrusy like lemon which I usually don't like but I loved the smell of this one it was not to strong our to light. Once you put the Bath Bomb in the water it starts to fizz like always. As it begins to move the Bath Bomb leaves a trail of orange and yellow trail and with a little bit of a coral color. The lady at the Lush store told me that the Bath Bomb had confetti in it but when the bath bomb finished there was only about five confetti which was a big disappoint meant. To be honest if you are going to tell us that the Bath Bomb has confetti maybe you should put more than five pieces in it if that is how you want to sell it. Well to be honest other wise it was good the bath turned out being an orange and yellow color. This Bath Bomb really does not relax you because of the smell it personally made me feel full of energy so this Bath Bomb would be better in the morning.

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