Sunday, July 26, 2015

 Hey guy's

 As I promised I said I would start blogging a whole bunch for you guy's close to the beginning of August. So I have been on a holiday and I just want to tell you some of the products I used almost every day. Or anything else I decided to take with me here they are. ps. Not everything on this blog are beauty products.

Sun beam: I  I personally did not like it on my face it felt to sticky and it made my face feel dirty so I decided to put it on my arms for contour and to get that nice elegant glow and that is how I used that product.

So my next product is the NARS dou I am not going to talk about this product a lot because spread is pretty self explanatory it comes with a blush a and Bronzer I love this blush and bronzer they both give me what I want in a product. The blush is the perfect shade for me and so is the bronzer.


 So these two products are pretty amazing the product on your left is a cream blush slash a lip balm this product is highly pigmented I bought a while back and the name has wore off but the shade is harmless that is it's name. Now the concealer is a bit disappointing because it irritates my eyes if it is close to my eyes. But it does cover up spots really well and my under eyes which have always been really bad for me at least it just sucks that it irritates my eyes. But everything else is very good about both products consistency, pigmentation and coverage.

 These two products help so much during Summer Face primer  help with keeping your make up during the day because you tend to sweat if you are outside by the beach or anywhere

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