Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Hello Guy's ,

Today's blog title might puzzle today I am going to be talking about when people don't understand you. For example my parents never have understood what I see in makeup or beauty products and still this day they still don't understand. For more that I try to explain to them what or why I like it or do it they don't understand. So we have to learn to accept that they will never understand you or will try to understand you, but still they might not understand. What I like to do is stay strong and passionate even if they don't support you at all. And sometimes we have to just live with it take a deep breath relax and try move on to some of the people who will understand. There are those people that will understand and you love him so dearly for that because they're the ones who understand you the most so try to keep those people in your circle so you can detox or  just explain to them why you love that material oh whatever you do that some people don't understand but they do and that's what's most important that you find someone has similar. So try to find that person has similar interest and loves what you do because someone who loves what you do you will always be there supporting you. Even in your hardest moments they will be there so make sure that you find someone who deeply understands you and that you can always talk to you no matter what happens. If you guys are going through some hard stuff that people don't understand you just take a deep breath I do this when my parents don't understand me or why I do it. I have to learn to do it even better than I'm already doing because some people don't understand and that's fine but we just have to learn that some people don't understand that some people do we have to learn to respect one another. But do not take this the wrong way if you are doing drugs or smoking.

I love you guys so much and I hope this blog helps you guys and things that some people don't understand and we just have to live with that and I hope it helps you with any people problems you're having right now and I'll talk to you guys very soon love you guys and thanks for reading my blog bye.

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