Monday, March 14, 2016

CoverGirl Trunaked nudes eyeshadows review

Hello guy's so today I have a beauty blog you might be wondering what kind of beauty??? My beauty blog for today is the CoverGirl Trunaked nudes eyeshadows review why drugstore eyeshadows you ask? Well because I don't think I have done one of these blogs ever on my blog hey a little tongue twister for you guy's today anyways. But I have done other beauty blogs. So I decided to do a drugstore makeup review blog for. I also wanted something for you guys to be able to buy that isn't too expensive but still might be a good product. So let's get started. So the eyeshadows I will be loving are the cover girl trunaked the nudes eyeshadows I love these nude eyeshadows. They have many different colors the eyeshadows are very build able they have many different shades. There are four matte shades and four glitter shades they can create many different looks. I love the colors I think it's a great range of colors to work with for an everyday use or maybe an even riskier look for the night or party. So I tested this pallet for a whole week they were actually very good for a drugstore brand. This pallet would be perfect for everyday and for anyone who is just starting out using makeup. The only thing I will say is that it would be best when you prime your eyelids for the eyeshadow because other wise they will come of easier. But it is a good pallet so if you would like to get it go for it is a good pallet. 

So thank you guy's for reading my blog sorry it is late but anyways thanks for reading. So I hope you guys really like this blog and enjoyed it and I hope it will be able to help you Decide if you want this pallet. I hope you all have a lovely day thanks for reading guy's love y'all bye.

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