Sunday, December 11, 2016


Hello Guy's,

Today is just a simple blog I am going to be talking to you about some of my favorite things to do with my friends for Christmas. I love going to the mall during Christmas because the mall is just so festive and warm and it makes me feel all cozy and festive. I love the shops that really go all out for Christmas because it just makes the holiday so much better if it wasn't for those shops I might not even go to the mall during Christmas OK.. that was a bit of an exaggeration but it would be a lot less fun and a lot less festive and you might not get the same feeling as if you were going to the mall on a regular day. Number two I love doing something festive things with my friend such as ice-skating OK I'm not that good at ice-skating but I can totally work my falls. Slightly not true when you see me fall on the ice it's usually not pretty but anyways it's a lot of fun when you and your friends are there and you both kind a laugh at each other because I mean you both can be bad at it. But just don't hurt yourself too much I know that if I fall too many times I don't really feel amazing the next day. If you and your friend are both good at it then that's amazing because of the hard as I try I can never get good at it I don't know how I don't know why but I'm never very good at it I get the hang of it after a while but the next year I always fall at least once. Number three making fun Christmas snacks are the best thing ever doing it with your friends is even better because you guys can both work together as a team or as a group and it's super fun when you all get to work on one thing and then taste each other's creations it's super fun. Just remember don't leave the stove on or do the oven on that could go really bad if you use the oven. So those are my top three things to do and Christmas if you want to see the next top three then you should definitely comment meant if you want that. Recently I just got a Snapchat so you should definitely go follow me on that it's OFFICIALSOPLIFE so go check me out on that and also follow me on Instagram which is also officialsoplife thanks so much for reading if you got to the end of the blog and I'll see you next time.

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