Saturday, July 9, 2016


Hello Guy's,

Today's blog is all about learning to cool down when your made or upset I struggle a lot with this but I wanted to show you some tricks I use or do when I'm over my limit holding my anger back or when someone has hurt me.

1. My First advise is to ask for a moment to process take a deep breath and relax a bit before you do anything you might regret.

2.If you have already gotten upset about something what helps relax after getting mad is watch a Tv show or YouTube you can also read listen to music there are so many possibilities do what you like to do even if it's jamming out with yourself.

3. If someone has hurt you do tell someone keeping it to yourself won't help at all talk to somebody who you trust or tell a family member.

4. Is someone who you don't like or don't know and has attempted or has made you feel harassed or hurt on a physical and emotional level tell someone immediately when someone even try's to hurt tell someone. Don't ever keep it to yourself or they might keep doing it I someone has don't it to you I highly suggest that you get help. Help isn't bad don't think their going to treat you differently they won't everyone is human and everyone is loved by someone.(Has not personally happened to me but highly recommend)

I hope you guy's found this blog helpful I hope you all have a lovely day thanks so much for reading my blog leave a comment if you have any questions I will for sure awnser them.


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