Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hey guys so guess what it's already fall can you believe it well I know I can't literally my friend told me and I was like now way but yeah it's true. How has your day been I hope it has been great. I am so glad to finally be able to talk to you guys again. Okay so you might be like just tell us what the blog is about well the blog is about fall!!!! So I am doing fall so I just love fall the makeup trends and most of all the spirit that you get being all cozy everything I love it all. But what exactly is what this blog is about it is about I the things I love that you might love too.

Scent for fall: Velvet Sugar is my ultimate favorite scent for summer I love it it's my personal favorite for fall.

Makeup: I love golden eyes with a little of an orange tone to I just use the Naked 3 pallet a drugstore pallet could be the wet and wild comfort zone eyeshadow. I am kind of addicted to this makeup look and for blush I would just use an orange toned blush with a hint of pink. Of course we need that bronzer because if your like me and your summer tan is disappearing you need that bronzer I just use the Nars lagoona bronzer. For lips I just use a burgundy lipstick from nyx in the shade licorice if you guy's would like to see a step by step blog on my makeup comment down below saying #fallmakeup.

Lush products that I love: In the fall I absolutely love the comfort from lush it make me feel all cozy my second favorite is the marshmellow bath melt. These two products are amazing literally they smell amazing and make me feel all cozy and who doesn't like that?

Drinks: So guys this might not come as A surprise but I have a coffee addiction it is like really bad my favorite drink for fall is wait guess. If you guessed the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks you are absolutely right it is amazing I love it I get everyday so yeah I'm obsessed.

Hair: I love braids for the fall I don't know about you but I do. I am thinking about having a blog on how I do my hair for fall so be waiting for that.

So that is it for this blog I hope you liked it leave a comment below for blog ideas I love you guys and in no way shape or form trying to make you go buy these products neither am I trying to brag I love you guys and see you in the next blog love you bye.

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